Private Quant Trading at home?

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Private Quant Trading at home?

Postby zill » Wed Feb 09, 2011 7:34 am

There are big fastfood resturants like McDonald's and KFC. But there are also small mum and dad privately owned private fast food outlets that make similar style fast food. Same goes for supermarkets like Woolworths and tthen there is the local privately owned milk bar.

We know that there are maga banks that employ many quants and analysts of all sorts that make mega bucks. But could the small time quant trader (let's say with a Phd in financial maths) trading privately for himself/herself (let's say with a starting capital of one hundred thousand dollars) make a stable living (let's say say the (annual) goal is to make a minimum of 5% above the term deposit rate offered by the banks)?

It may be that this person would have to work much harder had he/she been working for the large banks and make less then had he/she been working for the banks but given that this person is willing to put in the effort, is it at least realistic for this person to make a living this way? Please give reasons.

Are there many people who are already making a living this way? How successful have they been?
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Re: Private Quant Trading at home?

Postby mj » Sat Feb 12, 2011 2:26 am

I don't think many quants trade; the reason being that those who like trading become traders!

Most financial maths Phds are focussed on derivatives pricing from a bank's point of view; I doubt that they would be very useful for the home trader.
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