Background for a Quant with a MS in Mathematics(Applied)

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Background for a Quant with a MS in Mathematics(Applied)

Postby samitwm » Sat May 29, 2010 12:20 am

Respected Sir
Wishing you a pleasant time and all success in life.Sorry for bothering you with this short mail but the impertinence regarding the career path of a quant bothers me to write you a mail just to get a handy recommendation in choosing right courses which will be helpful for me to work in industry as a quant.

Currently I'm pursuing MS in Industrial Mathematics.
I'm very much interested in

* Numerical solutions of PDE (existence ,formulation,convergence coding in C++etc etc etc),Grid computing
*Topology, Functional analysis,White noise analysis and especially working in Sobolev spaces (Especially for Optimization in PDEs)
* Control theory and neural network

I'm also taking some courses in financial mathematics (not much courses available).Hence my querries are

* Are the above mentioned fields helpful to work in industry in the career of a quant?If I make a strong background in the above mentioned areas before graduation , will these things help me in becoming a highly skilled quant?How much Functional analysis and PDE in Sobolev spaces things are useful for the job of a Quant in industry?

*If I plan to be a Quant in future should I do courses of type above mentioned or I should nt?

* As not much courses of financial mathematics are available in my university and I want to carve out a career as a quant after graduation , should I take optimization courses like Non-linear Optimization,Multi-Criteria Optimization,Matroid theory and application,Graph and algorithm etc or courses based on statistics or courses like approximation of splines and wavelets?

* How far a numerical analyst(especially numerics for PDEs) can explore career aspects as a quant?If one is good in numerical modeling then, will it be helpful for the career as a Quant?

*Final one : I should go for a thesis in
1.Numerical suln to Stoch PDES etc
or 2.Applied PDEs with Functional analysis side
or 3.On topics like Option pricing,Monet Carlo Algorithm ?WHich among these will enrich me in skills to be used in industry to make me a skilled quant?

It'll be an honor if you reply to these naive questions.I'm waiting for your reply.
Thank you very much.

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Re: Background for a Quant with a MS in Mathematics(Applied)

Postby mj » Sun Jun 06, 2010 11:56 pm

can you ask careers questions in the careers part of the forum?
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Re: Background for a Quant with a MS in Mathematics(Applied)

Postby Trerayat » Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:04 am

Having a solid knowledge of this web site helped me a lot.
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