Load data from CSV to excel ranges - C++

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Load data from CSV to excel ranges - C++

Postby Vineel » Mon May 06, 2013 6:49 am

How can i load data from CSV file (delimited by comma) to the range of cells in the excel? I want to load this data on click of the button in the menu and using C++.
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Re: Load data from CSV to excel ranges - C++

Postby colman » Sun May 12, 2013 3:47 pm


Does it have to be in C++?

This one for C++ looks pretty good:

I used this lib for java:

For the CVS part:

Some sample code to give you an idea:
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ifstream file ( "yourdata.csv" );
string value;
while ( !file.eof )
     getline ( file, value, ',' );
     cout << string( value, 1, value.length() );

or something like the following

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std::ifstream  data("yourdata.csv");

    std::string line;
        std::stringstream  lineStream(line);
        std::string        cell;
            // store your CVS data into a container or just work with the excel lib directly to process it

You should end up with a for loop after putting the CVS data into some storage container, like a vector. Your body should be easy to write, something like this:

The whole solution isn't here, but I guess you'll get the idea. If you want todo this in a one button click with C++, you may be better off with a simple command driven program? Otherwise I would recommend netbeans for building a small GUI and doing it in java. As its a bit faster for taking care of the fileselector and binding the commands you'll be needing to several buttons and fields (setting input and output file names etc).

- Colman
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