XLW5 Migration Questions

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XLW5 Migration Questions

Postby JonT » Wed Jul 17, 2013 4:42 am

I have inherited a code base that I think was mostly developed on XLW 2, but was updated to XLW 3 in a hurried fashion some years ago.
I'm now looking to update to XLW 5 ...

I have some optimisations in our code that I'd like to port to XLW5, and offer back upstream.
But first I need to understand a little more about the XLW5 model so that I make life easier for everybody.

Mostly Im looking at
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for the moment

If I pick two functions to give my questions some focus:

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short AsShort(const char* ErrorId = 0, int *pxlret = 0) const

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double AsDouble(const char* ErrorId = 0) const

[*] I expected to be able to report an Excel error code (requires at least 10bits). So I was surprised to ErrorId is a char.
Can I ask why ?
[*] We have been using the pxlret design pattern to reduce library Exceptions; and then do own recovery and exception throwing as required.
But, in XLW5, it seems to be present in some function prototypes, but not used even when it is present.
If I went through and added it would this be accepted back into the code tree ?
[*] There are a couple of useful convenience functions that are much easier to implement within XlfOper<...> templated class.
What is the criteria for accept/rejecting such functions ?

- JonT
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