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Postby ruialves » Thu Sep 25, 2014 10:58 am


I've been using XLW for some time, and to me one important limitation is that the excel function name must be identical to the C++ funtion name. Quite often I have similar functions that I would like to show in Excel with names like: Circle.CalcArea(...), Rectangle.CalcArea(...). With the current XLW implementation it is not possible to have function names like this. Being able to decouple the C++ function names from the Excel function name seems a useful feature in many situations.

I have modified the InterfaceGenerator source code so that it is possible to choose a function display name, with the special comment <xlw:displayname as follows:

double //Add value
AddValue(double v //number to operate

If the <xlw:displayname= comment is not added the InterfaceGenerator behaves as before.

I think this maybe useful for other users of the library and would like to include it in the next XLW release. Find attached the InterfaceGenerator source code and a summary of the changes in the source code.

InterfaceGenerator summary.rar
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