Sydney, Australia Postgraduate Question: UTS vs USYD

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Sydney, Australia Postgraduate Question: UTS vs USYD

Postby dodox » Tue Feb 07, 2012 9:26 am

Hi All,

I've been accepted into both the MQF@UTS and MCOMM@USYD(with an intention to major in QF), and I'm unsure of which one to go for.

There isn't too much concrete info out there, but searches all point to UTS because the program seems to be more established than the others available in Australia with strong academia to back it, as well as its selling point as being a practical and hands on program. There are posts out there that say UTS is the only program close to MFE in Australia, but some are posts from a few years ago, so I'm questioning its credibility in the current market.

On the other hand, USyd has a better global ranking, however the course itself seems like its still in its infancy which I think will affect my employability at the end of the course - correct me if im wrong.
I am leaning less towards this course, mainly because its impossible to find any constructive information to support, let alone disprove the viability of the program, but if you anyone is able to shed some light on this program, it would be most appreciated.

My questions are:

1. Are these programs worth doing if I'm trying to make a break into the quant field.
2. Are the UTS or USYD courses internationally recognised, say if I ever wanted to move overseas to be closer to where all the financial market action is ->wall st/london/singapore??.
- If not then what are the alternatives if any.
3. Which course is more favourable in general and why.
4. Any other advice you can give.

Any help at all is much appreciated.
Thanks in advanced to anyone who replies!

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Re: Sydney, Australia Postgraduate Question: UTS vs USYD

Postby mj » Wed Feb 08, 2012 1:17 am

The Sydney one looks more generalist than the UTS one. I'd be inclined towards the UTS one if you want to be a derivatives pricing quant.

Sydney has been hiring in financial maths recently so the new masters may be related or it may not be.

UNSW is another option but it is generally regarded as more theoretical than the UTS course.

Sydney is clearly better known internationally.
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