Final Year Courses

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Final Year Courses

Postby Didier » Mon Apr 14, 2014 10:16 am

Hello Mark ,
I am currently a student in Operational Research in Canada , and i always wanted to go for a Master in Finance but to be honest with you the fact that this program is not very quantitative and challenging has cooled me down a bit .

I have a huge interest in Quantitative Finance but i am unsure which path to go : Financial Engineering or Risk Management

I am graduating next year but don't know which courses to take among the list below :

1) Spreadsheet -Based Decision Support Using Excel VBA
2) Database Management using Microsoft Access
3) Ordinary Differential Equations & Partial Differential Equations
4) Financial Economics ( Coverage of Derivatives Instruments based on Hull's Book)
5) Numerical Methods
6) Scientific Computation for Finance Using Matlab (Option Pricing and Risk Management using Lattice Methods and Monte Carlo Simulation)
7) Stochastic Processes
8) Introduction to Time Series Analysis
9) Simulation and the Monte Carlo Methods

Due to my major requirement , I can only take 5 of those above courses at best.

Do you have any suggestions for me ?

Many thanks Mark
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Re: Final Year Courses

Postby mj » Mon Apr 28, 2014 11:53 am

1 and 2 sound bad.

4 5 6 9 sound like they overlap each other a lot so i'd do a subset of them

7 would be important

8 would be ok
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