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Course selection

Postby donghany » Wed Mar 04, 2015 1:08 am

Dear Professor
I am a melbourne uni 2nd year bachelor of commerce student major in finance and also taking an engineering pathway(a course sequence that enables me to get into master of engineering in software). I want to pursue a quant or trader career in the future. I can tell from my experience that the finance courses offered under the BCom do not have sufficient maths to meet the job requirements and those financial theories are something that can be self-taught I figure.

1) Should I change the degree which means switching to Maths/Stats or something? or should I keep doing finance and enter a MFE or MQF or something similar in the future? or doing master of engineering in melbourne uni? or go to the US/UK for further study? I am really confused.
2) I am an international student and my tuition fees are mainly paid by my parents. They want me to graduate soon and go back to China to find a job. However, I heard people say that phd is like a prerequisite for a quant job and getting a phd surely means a lot more years of study. Also previous working experience is necessary when I looked for quant jobs on some job websites. I am not sure if it is realistic that I dropped out to work for years and then being a student again and taking masters or phd.
3) My ultimate career goal is being a fund manager. Is being a quant an inevitable path for becoming a fund manager? Or what are the differences between traders and quants? Is a transition from other financial job to quant possible?

Sorry for asking so many questions professor, I am just very blinded right now.

Thanks so much for any response.
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Re: Course selection

Postby mj » Sun Mar 08, 2015 10:52 pm

fund managers and quants are very different people. A phd is not particularly common for fund managers. The phd is not a necessity for a quant but it is very hard to break in without one. The quant job market is very tough these days.

phds at melbourne tend to carry funding particularly in the commerce faculty so if you can get into one. money is not necessarily a problem.

Doing finance honours at melbourne if your grades are good enough would be a path into funds management and probably your easiest route if that is what interests you.

Have you consider doing a grad diploma in mathematics alongside the BCom?
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Re: Course selection

Postby donghany » Mon Mar 09, 2015 6:53 am

Hi Professor
First of all, thanks for the reply. I am applying for a diploma in maths right now and that will extend the whole bachelor period to 4 years, also I am thinking about getting into honor year when I finish 4th year. I am also preparing for the CFA since melbourne uni has a partnership with CFA institute so I guess the contents been covered sort of overlapped and makes the CFA easier to pass. Any suggestions on that? And I heard about CQF,what is that? and do I need that? Also what the doctoral program (for finance) is gonna be like in melbourne uni I am curious?
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