Leftover Undergrad subject choices in pure maths

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Leftover Undergrad subject choices in pure maths

Postby AutumnWater » Thu Jan 21, 2016 3:26 am

So I realised I should focus on applied and stats units as I read through other posts.
To save words, after I've filled my degree with all the appropriate applied and stats units, plus real analysis to help with measure theory and probability.

What other pure maths subjects should I do?

There are three leftover to pick after the two I'm already deciding to do:

Real analysis (will do)
Complex analysis (will do, relates to signal processing right?)

Algebra and Number theory I (Should I do it? it contains group theory)
Algebra and Number theory II
Differential Geometry
Functional analysis (I read that UoM's measure theory has "metric and hilbert spaces" as its pre-req, which this subject teaches, should I do this then?)

If none of them are relevant to quant finance, should I be focussing on computational science units (numerical analysis and data structures) or coding units or even just chill and keep some of my past credit points in finance from being revoked?

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Re: Leftover Undergrad subject choices in pure maths

Postby mj » Thu Feb 11, 2016 10:49 am

real analysis is well worth doing
complex analysis is very relevant to many pure and applied maths areas

functional analysis is very relevant to stochastic calculus

numerical analysis and data structures would also be handy
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