ANU undergraduates

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ANU undergraduates

Postby hrb » Tue Dec 27, 2011 7:05 am

Hi, Professor Joshi!
I am a first year undergraduate in ANU (Australian National University), major in Actuarial Studies, but I realised a quant is much more exciting and creative than an actuary, and I want to pave a solid foundation for further studies so I am considering change into Mathematical Finance.

I know you are an expert in this area and surprisingly, you are in Mel, so you also know the Australian Unis and programs well, I could not help to send this annoying enquiry. :roll:

So, my target is to take a MFE (or equivalents as their names vary) at a top US university (and become a quant certainly). To achieve this aspiration, I have been working for that this year and achieved top grades (90) so I am confident to say I have the potential to achieve an honour at ANU.

But now I confused, as you know, US unis do not admit 3-year Bachelor, to apply for a “top US uni”, should I end up with a 3-year Bachelor and an Honour (I presumed), or should I pick a 4-year double major without Honour?
Besides that, I am not sure whether Oxford (MSc Mathematical & Computational Finance) is suitable and more accessible because Australian System follows British one.
I summed my questions as follows, hope that can be better.
1. 3-Y Bachelor + 1-Y Honour or 4-Y Bachelor of combined degree in ANU?
2. ANU provides Mathematical Finance, mathematical modelling, mathematics double with statistics, computing modelling, and surely pure maths, which one is the best for future MFE application and quant job?
3. In Australia, is Melbourne University a better choice for me, in terms of mathematical finance?
4. What degree is better? Pure maths or mathematical finance or + computing?
5. Can I apply for MSc Mathematical & Computational Finance at Oxford right after 3-year Bachelor? Their classification of first-class, second-class honour seems differs with Australian unis.
6. To be a good quant, is PhD necessary? If so, which plan is better?
7. Is an exchange experience to US universities good for future application? And why, is that I must demonstrate academic ability to the host university during the exchange?

Any suggestion you would make value a lot to me, sorry for taking your time. Here I give my highest respect to you and my best wishes to your Christmas Holiday.
Anyone who can give me any suggestion is welcomed! :D
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Re: ANU undergraduates

Postby mj » Thu Dec 29, 2011 11:15 pm

the 1 yr honours after 3 year degree is unique to Australia. I'd advise doing it since it's covered by HECS and you don't learn much in the first 3 years.

There isn't actually much math finance in Melbourne.

I am always sceptical about exchanges -- the students gain life experience but don't fit well to the subjects.

I don't know that much about the ANU's math finance offerings.

A mathematics degree with a probabilistic emphasis would leave you well prepared for quant.
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