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Career Guidance

Postby sumeetnanar » Thu Jan 19, 2012 6:45 am

Dear Prof. Joshi ,

I am looking for a more satisfying career choice in quantitative finance. I am 25 Yrs old and currently working as an actuarial analyst in P&C consulting company in San Francisco and 3 years of CAT Risk Modeling. Before that I did my Masters of Financial Engineering from Claremont Graduate University and have passed all four preliminary actuarial exams. I have also passed CFA level 1 and FRM. I have programming skills in SQL,SAS,R,MATLAB,VBA,C and currently working on learning C++ using on line tutorials and certain C++ books to bring my understanding upto the level of your design patterns book. What should I do to get in quantitative finance? I am also looking for PhD as an option and is really interested in doing some research rather than some boring data crunching. Please advise!!

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Re: Career Guidance

Postby mj » Wed Jan 25, 2012 1:22 am

well I suspect that if you applied for a quant job, you wouldn't get an interview.

You need to get something that makes you more relevant to quant.
Either you get an extra qual. such as a PhD. or you try to move more gradually. Eg get a risk role in a bank and then try to move further towards quant.
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