Investment bank vs Hedge Fund

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Investment bank vs Hedge Fund

Postby pypings » Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:03 am

I have recently been offered a job as front office quant analyst within a top tier investment bank.
I also had offers from two hedge funds: Man AHL and Two Sigma. Although, one is for Quant dev (AHL) and the other Software engineer (2 sigma).

I have a mathematical background (PhD) and I really enjoy the maths (the role within the bank offers seem to contains a lot of it). In a long term, ideally
I would like to do work within a hedge fund as Quant Researcher.

So my question is: Which role should I go for?

Many thanks for your help!
P.S.1: I got on very well with manager at the bank!
P.S.2: Joshi's book were very helpful for getting the job! (I purchased three of them)
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