Looking for application advice

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Looking for application advice

Postby mattw » Thu Aug 09, 2012 9:07 am

Dear Professor Joshi,

I've been wondering when I should start applying for jobs and how likely I am to get an interview. My concern is that I have not done any courses on probability/stochastic calculus (though I have 2 publications on stochastic integro-differential PDEs) and my PhD is not in a traditional area of mathematics. I have never studied finance in a formal setting. However, I have been reading your excellent book extensively. A brief history:

- Studied Maths/Phys at Warwick, came in top 1-2 of year (90+ avg, theoretical phys/pure maths courses) and got prize for 4th year project.
- Didnt know exactly what I wanted to do for PhD, so I went to Oxford's system's biology DTC, decided to work on mathematical neuroscience in the Maths dept.
- Have 3 papers in top journals 1.5 years after starting PhD. Can write up any time, though promised supervisor I will finish one last project.

I have heard about "Quantitative Associate" programs which all the big IB's seem to have. Should I be looking to apply to this kind of program in september, or are they mainly for MFE graduates?

Is it worth putting my paper's on my CV? Should I just keep things brief and say something like "PhD Mathematics"?


--Matt W.
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Re: Looking for application advice

Postby mj » Tue Aug 14, 2012 10:18 am

as long as you have learnt the material, I don't think many care about the formal quals if you have a phd in something quantitative.

I put down something like "3 published papers" rather than listing them unless you believe that there's something about them that will particularly impress.

certainly some banks hire phds through their quantitative associates programs -- I wouldn't pass up any opportunities given today's job market.

make sure that you are top of my interview book and my c++ book as well as Concepts...
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