Career change: advise/thoughts welcome

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Career change: advise/thoughts welcome

Postby hukkatout » Wed Feb 20, 2013 4:11 pm

I wanted some opinions regarding moving from s/w field to the field of quants.

A little background about myself :
I have a PhD in CSE from not so reputable university (fact of life) located in USA. However I learnt a lot
about modeling (Queuing Theory, Stochastic process) as well as excellent software skills. I worked in
some of the leading s/w companies (read Google/Microsoft) and now working in a start up in the bay area.
I have 5 years or so of professional experience.

I am now thinking of switching lines and would try to move to the Quantitative field. Now my questions are
as follows:

1) Trying to move to the quant field is it even a feasible idea ?
2) Will I get interview calls from the good places ?
3) I am thinking of quant dev roles (not the glorified programmer) but work closely with
the actual quant guys and slowly in couple of years move to that role. Is this a feasible option ?
4) Will I be hired in a junior position ?
5) Financially is it a good move ? I already make close to 250k.
6) Lastly, I have been reading the existing material and I think I can handle it. But since I have no finance education, I am thinking of taking a course.
Will cfq or a certificate (Quantitative Methods in Finance Graduate Certificate) from Stanford is a better option ?
7) Long term, how does the role of the quant/quant dev-s evolve ? What is the exit scenario like ?

Look forward to all the suggestions and advices.

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Re: Career change: advise/thoughts welcome

Postby mj » Sun Feb 24, 2013 10:11 am

quant is very tough at the moment. If you already make 250k, it's not so clear to me that there's much point in a shift. You 'd certainly earn less initially.

Getting in via developing is not an unusual approach.

You'd need something on your cv that suggests strong maths skills to get an interview.
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Re: Career change: advise/thoughts welcome

Postby hukkatout » Wed Feb 27, 2013 10:13 pm

Thanks for the response.

In the s/w field to move to the 300+ club it is extremely rare and difficult, just being a s/w engg.
However in the finance companies I do see recruiters claiming 300+ or even higher range. Do not know
the veracity of the claims. I do not like to climb the managerial ladder, prefer an IC role.
Hence the thought of moving to the finance world.

I also see opportunity in the form of low latency C++ devs where the salaries also seem to be in that high
range. Do not know how exciting or good the work is and also the career progression. Also what is the knowledge needed ?

Any suggestions on the certificate course from Stanford or CFQ ?

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