Industry to Academics

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Industry to Academics

Postby sunny » Tue Mar 08, 2011 3:30 pm

Dear Professor Joshi,
I am presently enrolled in a Math Ph.D. program. I have the following two questions about quant

1.Which books should one prepare in Statistics and Time Series for quant
interviews/jobs? Is it very much necessary for a Math Ph.D to know these areas (in details)?

2. Is switching career from industry (as a quant) back to academics
difficult? Does it help to work as an Assistant professor for a few years
before joining the quant industry?

It would be very helpful for me if you kindly answer these questions.
Thanks for your time.
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Re: Industry to Academics

Postby mj » Tue Mar 08, 2011 9:08 pm

well i don't know much about stats and time series so I guess that answers how important it is!

RE switching back, people certainly do it. It's hard unless you have a strong paper collection, however, or are happy to have a very junior job. Spending some time building an academic cv does help from that point of you.

Very few people in industry publish, if you are one of the few that does and are allowed to then you are in a strong position.
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Re: Industry to Academics

Postby jmphi » Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:27 pm

Suppose that somebody is an academic worker (non-finance) and wants to work as a quant for a few years and next come back to academia and research in finance.
What kinds of quant positions, companies allow to publish papers in financial mathematics?
What is your advice to increase chances of return to academia (other than publishing papers)?

Thank you in advance for your answer.
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Re: Industry to Academics

Postby mj » Thu Apr 12, 2012 8:57 pm

well, the more cut-throat the environment the less likely they are to publish.
Beyond that, it's really a question of seeing whether that group publishes.

Getting a job where you actually invent models rather than just implement existing papers would help to ease the transition.
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