Quant job after 5 years of post-doc in physics?

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Quant job after 5 years of post-doc in physics?

Postby BCS » Wed Jan 18, 2012 11:01 am

Hello Mark ( and other readers),

I have a PhD in theoretical physics, well-experinced with numerical simulation and coding in scientific context. I have got my PhD at the begining of 2007 in Italy and since then have worked in 2 different EU contries as post-doc researcher. Now I am planning to switch to finance and apply for a quant job because it would provide better job security in long term rather than academia.

I have looked around but many employers ask for previous experince so basically we go back to zero point: the first job!! Please give comments / personal experinces related to my questions:

Q1: Is it really late to intend getting a quqnt job after these academic experince?

Q2: How to get info for entry-level jobs specially in Germany? I live now here and speak the language but not that fluent. I do speak though English and Italian fluently as non-native in them.

Q3: How could help if going through some old school friends rather than formal job application?

Q4: How to convince the employers about your motivations for this carreer path change? They seem to be very picky about it and see it as a negative point, is that true?

Q5: How my CV should look like at this stage? Of course it seems pointless to stress abut acadmeic achievment as it is not their main interest to see!

Thanks in advance for reasing and answering this long note!
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Re: Quant job after 5 years of post-doc in physics?

Postby mj » Fri Jan 20, 2012 12:42 am

well I switched after postdocing in pure maths for 5 years.

For real quant jobs, in my experience the interviewers made the same switch and can't really be bothered to quiz you in depth on the issue. Just try to come up with some positive reasons: dynamic, transparency, working in a team. Everyone knows the academic job market sucks and that's why your quitting.

Try to do reading around finance so you appear to have genuine interest as well as studying financial maths.

I never looked for a job in Germany. I can drop your cv to some Germans I know if you like.

D-fine are big on employing Phds for quant consulting.

If you have personal contacts, exploit them to the full.

Keep the cv fairly short. try to highlight anything relevant to finance. eg what reading you have done, what programming languages you can use.
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